6N3P / 6N3P-EV (= 2C51, 396A) russian NOS tube

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Product information "6N3P / 6N3P-EV (= 2C51, 396A) russian NOS tube"
The 6N3P double triode tube used in many new HiFi equipment like Shanling, Dynavox TPR-1, Vincent tube amp etc.
The 6N3PE and 6N3P-EV (cyrillic 6H3П-EB) version we offer, are significant upgrades providing higher reliability, longer life time rating, ,lower microphonics and lower noise
equivalent types are 2C51, 396A  and the 5670 we offer as JAN military quality General Electric
Tube Type: 2C51/396A
Socket: Noval(9 Pin)