6p15p-EV / 6П15П-EB pentode

Kód: S6P15P-EB
6 hodnocení
690 Kč

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Product information "6p15p-EV / 6П15П-EB pentode"
Pentode  6p15-EV / 6П15П-EB / 6p15p-EB (the various spelling results from cyrillic), equivalent with SV83 Svetlana
NOS russian made
ruggedized long-life version "EB", rated 5,000 operating hours
Monoprice amplifier use these marked 6P15
The Monoprice 25W hybrid amp (model 13194) use  2 pieces 6p15p-EB
The Monoprice 50W Verstärker (Model 16153) uses 4 pieces 6p15p-EB