EL84M / E84L / 6P14P-EB

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Product information "EL84M / E84L / 6P14P-EB"
Sov / Russia Heavy duty mil. Grade EL84, NOS 6P14P-EV (kyr. 6П14П-ЕB) with gold-plated control grid.
The 6P14P-EV was manufactured in the Reflector factory near Saratov.
With 5,000 operating hours, it is an exceptionally durable EL84 type.
The shock resistance specified with up to 300 G underlines the extremely robust construction and makes the 6P14P-EV the ideal tube for guitar amplifiers that are frequently on the road.
Tube Type: EL84/6BQ5/6P14P/N709
Socket: Noval(9 Pin)